Why Choose Our Windows?

All of the windows we use come with a lifetime warranty. However, they are also Energy Star rated and will save you money by reducing your heat bills (usually between 20-35%) and being energy efficient. Their insulated glass can have double or triple panes. Furthermore, our windows are easy to clean and are sure to look great on your house. We’ve got something for everyone and all budgets!

Interested in seeing some sample colors and wood grains? Check out Sunrise Windows, one of our suppliers, for some ideas. If you’re interested in seeing different styles of windows, Alside has a great design gallery.

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Beauty. Comfort. Prestige. Choose between Alside’s Centurion line of premium vinyl windows or Radiance’s top quality, easy to clean, vinyl windows.


The ultimate choice in strength and comfort. Choose between Alside’s UltraMaxx line of fusion-welded vinyl windows or Vinylmax’s Signature Series.


A whole new point of view. Choose between Sunrise Windows or Ply Gem Windows to see a clear difference in your windows.

Grand Exteriors is proud to use windows from the following companies